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ELITE is a line of professional cold water cleaners combining power and toughness with safety and easy to use. Hight performance and great versatility make this the ideal choise for the most demanding customer.


remote by - pass control. 2800 RPM Asynchronous continuous duty eletric motor, protected with overload cutout, maintenance free and designed for continuous use. In model 1630M and 1910M the motor is 1400 rpm. This further improves the working life of the mechanical components. DS model have Delayed Total - Stop (TSR) control: interrupts operation of the appliance 30"; after the water gun is turned off then starts it up again when the gun is turned on, extending the working life of components and saving energy. Prectical detergent delivery: thanks to the built - in tank, a handy lance control delivers the detergent at low pressure. Crank - type H.P. pump: hight efficiency; mechanical components with low working temperature; low noise; brass head: long working life; ceramic pistons: higt resistant to wear. Handly compartments for housing the water gun and lance and hook for power cable. can be fitted with hose ree (optional) to have everything within easy reach.

Technical data
Technical features
Operating pressure bar30÷110
Volume l/h360 ÷720
Outlet water temperature50
Absorbed power W3000
Detergent tank l7.5
Lenght of A.P. House m10
Electric cable m4.5
Dimensions LxWxH cm74 x 43 x 81
Weight [Kg]44

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