200 Bar High Pressure Cleaner - Monsoon 898 Italy

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The professional high pressure water cleaner is built for general and heavier cleaning jobs. Having a powerful motor and flow rate, it easily handle many industrial cleaning jobs with more difficult dirt and stains. 


Pure Blasting Power

Monsoon 898 is driven by a powerful motor fitted with a quality pump featuring brass head and ceramic pistons for durability and corrosion resistance. It cleans efficiently for sectors such as car-washing areas, commercial buildings, horse stable, petrol stations, tough daily cleaning works of earthmoving equipment (cranes, cement mixers, sand-blasting ) and any harsh cleaning. 

Technical Specifications
Operating pressuremax bar

200 (2900 psi)

Water flowmax Uhr900 litres/hour
Mains supplyV/Hz/Ph400/50/3Ph
Inlet Water TempMax40 degree celcius
Water intaketemp, max60
Dimensions(L x W x H) mm65 x 53 x 116 cm
Cable lengthm5



Standard Accessories

* TriggerGun with Rotating Coupling

* Flexo-Power Nozzle for Chemical

* Integrated Tools Holder

* 5m Power Cable

* 10m High Pressure Hose

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200 Bar High Pressure Cleaner - Monsoon 898 Italy

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